Hello world!

Welcome to “Bug or Feature”. This is my first post, so I thought I’d say a little something about the blog’s title.

Programs do lots of things. the things they do right are called features, the things they do wrong are bugs. But people may have differing opinions on what is right or wrong and therefore disagree on what is a bug or a feature.

In this blog I’ll post some of my own idiosyncratic opinions on software and hardware. I’ll even post code for people to insult.

Back to the blog’s title. One day I was writing some software that depended on a library written by a coworker, a solid programmer named named Mark, and managed to crash it. I yelled over the cubicle wall, “Hey Mark, is it a bug or a feature that your code crashes when I call it with the number 32?” He replied, “Today it’s a feature, tomorrow it’s a bug.”


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