Medical records fail

I moved to a new town last fall and recently got around to going to a doctor. Since I was a new patient I filled out several forms, one of which was medical history. During the visit the nurse and doctor entered stuff from the history into a laptop. I asked the doctor what percentage of their records were on computer. He said 90 percent. I told him that was a lot.

Then I asked him if it was making things better. He said it was a mixed bag. Prescriptions were easier – he shot mine off to the pharmacy electronically. He said he used to get writer’s cramp but now he gets carpal tunnel from typing. And when the internet is down they can’t get patients’ records.

They should have handed me an iPad to do my medical history which could then be uploaded to their database. They should have local copies of patient records. We know how to do this stuff – why aren’t we?


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