Recently at a supermarket a container of mixed berries caught my eye. Red raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries – all of my favorites in one clear plastic package. A no regrets  splurge.  When I ripped the top off I saw a red raspberry right on top. I picked it up and noticed that a blueberry had nestled in the hole of the raspberry. I popped it into my mouth, bit  down and was rewarded by a squirt of blueberry and raspberry combined. I spent the next few minutes sticking blueberries into raspberries and eating them. Yum.

This reminded me of dates and almonds. Pitted medjool dates are like candy to me and I like to  put an almond in  the space where the pit was. Biting through the sweet gooey date then the crunchy almond.  I need to add those to my shopping list.


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